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Recall Newsom Gets into Indian Communities and South CA! – ERFA PAC

Ever since we started the #RecallNewsom Asian Community Special Operation Campaign, we have received enormous support from our communities, in and out of Asian communities!

Below is our latest update!

Update 1 (12:10pm 8/10):

The first fundraising goal of $5K has been achieved 5 days ahead of time, thank you everyone and we are off to a very good start to push out the first newspaper Ads, stay tuned!

The second goal will be another $5K for radio Ads, we will have some professional narrators (unpaid volunteers) for this task.

Update 2 (01:00pm 8/14):

We have achieved our second goal!

Thank you everyone who has supported us in any form (donation, advocating, and volunteering)!

The team is working day in and day out to get it production ready now! Ads will be broad cast from next week, stay tuned!

Next, our goal will be to raise another $5K to cover Indian communities through out the whole state, and the Chinese communities in South Cal!

We Asians are not supporting Newsom!

Asians for RecallNewsom!

Please reach out if you want to join the task force, the door is always open for hard working talents! (info@erfapac.com)

If you want to make a real change to California, please chip in so we can voice out loudly together!

“Equal Rights for All – PAC” (https://erfapac.com)

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