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About Us

Founded in 2021 after the landslide victory of the “No on Prop. 16” campaign in 2020, Equal Rights for All PAC (ERFA) is a nonpartisan political action committee that promotes equal rights and personal liberty. ERFA PAC seeks to identify, nurture, andsupport political leaders who are committed to the principle of equal rights and an equal chance to compete.

ERFA leadership includes prominent equal rights leader and former UC regent Ward Connerly (President) and many grassroots leaders from the “No on Prop 16” campaign in 2020.

Text of Prop 209 (1996)

Our Mission

“Equal Rights for All PAC” will seek to identify, nurture and contribute to political leaders who support “equal rights for all citizens.

Ward Connerly,
President, Equal Rights for All PAC
President, Californians for Equal Rights (No on Prop. 16 Campaign in 2020)

The Power of We the People

The “No on Prop 16” campaign in 2020 was a campaign for ALL Californians! (also documented here at

And it was a battle between:

  •  We the people and special interests.
  • Truths vs misinformation and lies.
  • 1.6 million dollars vs 30 million dollars.
  • 8000 independent small donors vs 70 mega donors.
  • Volunteers and civil rights leaders vs paid propaganda machines
  • Creativity and selflessness vs vandalism

As mentioned by CFER president Ward Connerly and Prof. Gail Heriot, the efforts of volunteers were proven to be very critical to the success of this campaign.  We were dwarfed by our opponents in funding by 18 times but we had the most passionate volunteer teams. The opponents has only money, and they did burn the money, but that’s all they could do.In contrast, we do not have their luxury of seemingly unlimited money, but we have our devoted volunteers!

This level of devotion from our volunteers could never be bought by money! And this was exactly what our opponents lacked but we had and cherished! If you happen to be one of the devoted volunteers in 2020, thank you!

This new “Equal Rights for All” Political Action Committee is the continuation of that momentum of the grassroots equality movement and see it through that the spirit of Prop 209 be carried out, with the right representatives!

The First #NoProp16 Car Rally in 2020
NoProp16 Car Rallies EVERY Week Across CA
Video Created by Our Volunteers on the NoProp16 Campaign

Our Leadership

Ward Connerly, President

Ward Connerly is a former University of California Regent. He is also the founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute (Yes on prop 209 campaign, won in 1996), the president of Californians for Equal Rights (No on Prop 16 campaign, won in 2020), and the founder and the president of Equal Rights for All PAC. Ward is also the author of 2 books: <Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences>, and <Lessons from My Uncle James: Beyond Skin Color to the Content of Our Character>

Ward can be found at Twitter with @tobeeuqal.

Tony Guan

Tony Guan, Vice President

Tony Guan, is the founder of the grassroots volunteering org He, together with other core volunteers, started the very first #NoProp16 car rally at Cupertino in July 2020 and made the #NoProp16 car rallies a weekly phenomenon attracting supporters and media coverage on the Prop 16 issue, all the way up to a few days before the election day. He also created and organized numerous functioning volunteer groups during the 2020 “No on Prop 16” campaign, and has been regularly interviewed by the media.

Tony can be found at Twitter with @ECalifornians

Amy Yuan

Amy Yuan, Treasurer

Amy Yuan is a conservative who supports equal rights for all. She was one of the key volunteers in “No on prop16 campaign” helping organizing car rallies and yard sign distribution. She is an actuary with 5+ years working experience in one of the prestigious big four accounting firms. Amy holds Bachelor degree in finance and MA degree in economics.

Our Board Members

We have a very dedicated board from the communities across California. We will share their bios when available.

Debbie Ferrari

Debbie has played an integral role as a construction trucking manager and estimator for more than 25 years and she has almost 40 yrs of related experience. 

She realized that many state and government programs that claim to help disadvantaged citizens do not accomplish the stated goal and instead are administered in an unjust way.

Rather than to accept these policies that only appear to help, her goal is to provide actual support to those who truly need it. Examples are tutoring, mentoring, trade training.

She plans to help elect officials that are not beholden to special interests, and to help ordinary citizens to participate in the political processes.

Debbie has had an active role in several political endeavors and she helped the “no on prop 16” campaign.

Board Member: Ronald L. Fong, MD, MPH, MBA

Ronald L. Fong, MD, MPH, MBA

Ron Fong is a family medicine physician.  He was a clinical professor in the UC Davis Department of Family Medicine and Director of the UC Davis Family Medicine Residency Network.  In these capacities, he has taught and mentored over a thousand family medicine residents and medical students during his 15 years as a faculty member.  Dr. Fong volunteered for the No On Prop 16 campaign developing content for social media. 

Dr. Fong can be found at Twitter with @edifiquest

Aida “Tessie” Crosby, Teacher, Former member of the Santa Clara County Mental Health Board

Aida “Tessie” Crosby was born in Cabimas, Venezuela and attended Nuestra Señora del Rosario College where she obtained a degree in elementary school education. She served a full time mission for the LDS Church, and after moving to the United States in 1988, Aida continued her education at Brigham Young University where she was awarded a B.A in Public Relations. Aida is passionate about combating Socialism and Communism, hoping to educate the next generation on the harmful effects of such oppressive and destructive forms of government. Her career highlights include teaching young children English as a Second Language at Los Alamitos Elementary and helping her community as a former member of the Santa Clara County Mental Health Board, Silicon Valley Food Bank bilingual Outreach Specialist, and as Santa Clara County Court Systems Family First educational consultant. Aside from work, Aida enjoys dancing, painting, and spending time with her husband and three children. 

Gaurang Desai was born in India and immigrated to US over four decades ago. Desai received his Engineering degree from Cal State Chico and working in high tech industry. He is a living in a bay area resident for over 30 years.

Gaurang is a community activist and volunteered with many cultural and religious organizations.

Most recently, he was an active volunteer for “No on prop16 campaign”.

Simone Brown received her BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz and her JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Upon graduating from law school, she joined a global HR solutions company. Working in their San Francisco office, she helped transform their West Coast operations from a distressed and underperforming division on the brink of closure to one of their top performing divisions. She drove both unprecedented expansion and revenue growth, helping catapult them into a recognized brand and industry leader.

After almost a decade with them she left in 2015 to establish her own company where she and her partner work closely with law firms and in-house legal departments on scalable staffing solutions.

She currently resides in Northern CA with her husband and daughter.

Ava Li

Ava Li, a first-generation immigrant, has called the United States her home for nearly two decades. After earning her accounting and business administration degree from North Carolina State University, Ava spent ten years working as a CPA. However, her passion for real estate and helping people led her to transition into a full-time realtor.

In 2020, Ava actively participated in the “No on Prop 16” campaign, which aimed to defeat the government sponsored discriminatory bill ACA-5 (Prop 16). Witnessing the campaign’s successful outcome served as a powerful inspiration for her. It ignited a deep commitment within Ava to volunteer her time and energy in order to defend equal rights for all individuals. She feels grateful for the opportunities the United States has provided for her and her family, and now she is determined to give back.