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The next Tweet capturing an Asian-American getting punched in the face, RT with #Prop16 supporter @AsmGarcia. via @collegefix

It’s hard to have effective conversations about Critical Race Theory and education when school officials shut down all opposition claiming that “all white people are racist.”

This is not factual, not professional, and not conducive to a healthy discourse. We need to do better.

Woke is killing more than logic, reason & civil liberties. It’s also killing art, music, sports, comedy & eros (a few examples). These losses are not negligible. They are essential to happiness, connection, and helping us endure the inevitable human suffering we all face.

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Equal Rights for All -

2 weeks 3 hours ago

Thanks KTSF Television for covering our 7/10 #RecallNewsom Rallies!

Equal Rights for All -

2 weeks 12 hours ago

Thank you 大紀元 for covering this Mountain View #RecallNewsom rally!