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With the current consideration of affirmative action by the US Supreme Court, there is heightened new interest in the dramatic and improbable defeat of Prop 16 back in 2020. How was it possible to defeat the political establishment and their never-ending desire to restore race

I was 18, my wife 16 when she became pregnant. When we told her folks, her mother offered her an abortion. We married and have a beautiful daughter and 3 awesome grandkids. We were married 50 years in May.

Get rid of race factor in school admissions, all students will benefit!

Thanks to @erfapac and @aace_us for co-hosting #AskEdBlum #HarvardLawsuite event with Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation!

@singtaodaily 哈佛招生訴訟案 亞裔學子將受益

@idamoj From successfully defeating Prop16 (designed to freely implement Affirmative Action in the name of diversity), recalling SF school board, to today, Asian Americans have demonstrated exceptional leadership, perseverance, and dedication in defending equal rights for ALL Americans.

@erfapac and @svcaf2020 co-hosting “The significance of Harvard Lawsuit and the Reality in California – A Forum on Combating Racial Discrimination in College Admissions with Ed Blum”!
#AskEdBlum anything about the #HarvardLawsuit!

Bad network so no live..

To @erfapac and @svcaf2020, let's get #HarvardLawsuit and #AskEdBlum trending for today's forum.

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