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Congrats to Senator Warnock on his victory in Georgia; and thank you to Herschel Walker for his spirited campaign. We, the people, should be grateful to all who campaigned to represent us during the 2022 elections.

The Equal Rights for All PAC Endorses the Policy Position of Senate Candidate Herschel Walker on Ending Affirmative Action Racism at Emory and Other Colleges


I’ve got the list of every RNC state chairman & committee(wo)man in the country.

After Dec. 6th — b/c the Georgia Senate runoff takes full priority —

join me in letting these members know how we feel about the current leadership.

If they don’t listen, they need to be replaced.

A HuffPost writer was assigned to investigate JK Rowling and prove she's the bigot leftists say she is.

After 3 months of digging, the writer found nothing proving JK is transphobic, instead praising her bravery and concluding "I stand with JK Rowling."

They are many consequential things occurring in America at the moment, but we have a very short attention span.

In reality, there is a quiet civil war being waged by the people. 33% have faith in and want to retain the system given to us by the founders in 1776. That

Our elections are the laughing stock of the world.

Other countries do it in one day and count all of their ballots. They get their elections done.

I don’t know why the United States can’t accomplish this in one day.

Mr. Ward Connerly Speaks at the Equal Rights for All Rally in Front of the Supreme Court
Video and scripts. @tobeequal

#Harvard #College Stop the Racial #Preference in #Admission!
#DefendDiversity #TrueDiversity #EqualRights4All

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