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CFF’s 6th Annual College & Career Pathways Summit 🎓 Prepping students for college, career & life. Not every student will/have the desire to attend college but they need to be workforce ready. Students can establish purpose in learning through career development.

#AD76 #SanDiego

CA has one of the highest rates of homelessness. It is visible & undeniable. 2022 PIT Count-Reg.Task Force Homeless estimated 8,400 people are experiencing homelessness in San Diego. 10% increase since Jan 2020, $10 BILLION spent & the number continues to swell.
#AD76 #sandiego

ERFA Newsletter on cagop elections in the next week.

A big question: will @CAGOP go #woke any time soon?

@tobeequal @RNCResearch @GOP @SdaafeOfficial @GailHeriot @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson @KTVU @KTSF26 @tvaaus @VijayIngam @MarquesAngus @HouseGOP

Equal Rights For All PAC Urges Ms. Corrin Rankin to Reconsider Her Candidacy for CAGOP vice chair.

California is already too broke, and we do not need another woke leader!

San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (@SdaafeOfficial ) just joined us in the open letter to #CAGOP vice chair candidate @CorrinRankin

"We strongly urge you to reconsider your candidacy for CAGOP vice chair."

After @erfapac's open letter to @CorrinRankin on her stance about #ACA5/#Prop16, @CA4equalrights also issued an open letter:

"UNC is dropping DEI but ironically, the new @CAGOP leadership may embrace it!"
@svgop @KevinKileyCA @SpeakerMcCarthy @FoxNews

By the way, this is @erfapac open letter to @CorrinRankin.

"If you have not changed your position on #ACA5 or #Prop16 by now, we strongly urge you to reconsider your candidacy for #CAGOP vice chair."

@RepSteel @YoungKimCA @PhillipChenCA @TuckerCarlson

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