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No ethics problem here!

The attorney general has threatened legal action against parents who protest a nutso anti-white CRT curriculum THAT IS SOLD BY HIS SON-IN-LAW.

AG Garlands son-in-law sells CRT materials to over 20,000 schools in 1500 school districts, profiting over $28 million.

Garland refuses to say if he signed an ethics agreement.

And with the flyer project, we proudly conclude our special operation on 9/13, 1 day before the election day!

Thank you team for all of your hard work, let's keep unified together and hold all politicians accountable!

#RecallNewsom #YesOnRecall

At 5:30am PT on @foxandfriends, I discuss @rosemcgowan’s bombshell claim that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, tried to bribe McGowan from accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape; and concern over voter integrity in Tuesday’s election to recall and replace Newsom


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Equal Rights for All -

1 week 3 days ago

School Choice Information Sharing Session on Sunday 5:00pm

Dear All,

You may have heard about the school choice bill for the 2022 election. If this passes, a lot of changes will be brought into the CA education.

The attached info is one training session on this bill, please join if interested. Please help to spread the word, so more people get to be aware of this bill.

You can participate either in person or remotely.

In-Person: (Packages available)
Time: Sunday 11/21/2021 5PM
Location: Silicon Valley Business Center
1900 Camden Avenue, San Jose CA 95124 (at Leigh Ave.)



Equal Rights for All -

1 month 3 weeks ago

Mr. Connerly said it so beautiful!