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NO on ACA7 Delegate Walk

We are thrilled to announce the success of the delegate walk event organized by the “NO on ACA7” coalition on February 15, 2024. Despite short notice, over 30 dedicated individuals from various member organizations of the coalition, including Equal Rights for All PAC (REFA), Silicon… Read More »NO on ACA7 Delegate Walk

No On ACA-7

No on ACA-7!

The California legislature is voting  to place another effort to legalize racial discrimination on the ballot: Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 7.   After a 2014 failed attempt in the Senate and a landslide defeat by voters in 2020, the California legislature has changed its tactics this… Read More »No on ACA-7!

Herschel Walker

The Equal Rights for All PAC Endorses the Policy Position of Senate Candidate Herschel Walker

The Equal Rights for All PAC urges Georgia voters to first consider the impact of policies such as CRT, and Affirmative Action when making their choice in the upcoming Senate Runoff election. Don’t wait until you, your child or someone you know gets a rejection letter from a school such as Emory that acknowledges its discrimination on the basis of race.

Whether it be college admissions, k-12, employment, or contracting, it is important to stand up for equal
rights for all. We can support those in need through tutoring and other programs which actually helps
individuals. Preference programs and preference teachings based on race are hurting our communities
and this is the racism that Herschel Walker’s detractors support.

We support Herschel Walker since he is a strong proponent of the “Equal Rights” ideal. So we urge Georgia voters to vote for Herschel Walker in the coming Dec. 6 Runoff Election!