All Men Are Created Equal.

Equal rights and the supremacy of personal liberties are at the heart of America’s founding. Unfortunately, both of those most basic ideals are being erodaed due to a lack of defense by elected officials. Equal Rights for ALL (ERFA) PAC will seek to identify, nurture and contribute to political leaders who support equal rights for all citizens.

-Ward Connerly

Secure Equal Rights for All

In 1996, the Civil Rights Initiative Institute led the campaign of Prop 209 (Yes 54.55% vs No 45.45%), and put the equal rights clause onto California constitution. Mr. Ward Connerly went on to install similar clauses to other 8 states.

Reject Government Preference

In 2020, the “Californians for Equal Rights” campaign team, led by Mr. Ward Connerly, together with thousands of active volunteers, successfully defeated Prop 16 (Yes 42.8% vs No 57.2%), which tried to repeal Prop 209.

Enforce Accountabilities

In 2021, the same group of leaders created this “Equal Rights for All (ERFA) PAC” to ensure that our elected officials and representatives honor the “equal rights for all” principle, and work with accountabilities.

Ward Connerly, President of “Equal Rights for All” PAC

“For years, many Americans and I have been engaged in defense of the principle of equal citizenship, as proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Civil Rights Act, and innumerable laws and policies throughout America.
Our efforts have been driven by the belief that Equality is an ideal which affects all Americans. Nine states have responded favorably by prohibiting preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. We recognize that we are trying to be effective participants in the political process. To do that, we must seek to influence candidates and elected officials in every possible manner. ..”

Ward Connerly is a former University of California Regent. He is also the founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute (Yes on prop 209), the president of Californians for Equal Rights (No on Prop 16), and the founder and the president of Equal Rights for All PAC.

Ward Connerly on the creation of ERFA PAC

The Issues and Bills We Care About

Critical Race Theory, Special Governor Election, , Anti Asian Crime, etc.
AB-101: Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements: ethnic studies.
SB-82: Petty Theft
AB-1509: Enhancements: firearms

The Candidates We Support

Based on the “Equal Rights for All” principle, we are developing a scoring system for candidates and elected representatives. When there are competing candidates, we chose the one who earns higher scores to support!

We are stronger when we stand together!

Our Door Is Open

If you share the same values with us, we invite you to join our coalition!

Past Events & Activities

No on Prop 16 in 2020
No on SB82 Rallies

Let’s work together on our journey defending “Equal Rights for All”

Life is full of turbulent ups and downs, but we will thrive in the end, together!