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Home » News » ERFA PAC Endorses Amy Reichert for San Diego County Supervisor District 4

ERFA PAC Endorses Amy Reichert for San Diego County Supervisor District 4

Amy Reichert for San Diego


Oct 14, 2022

RE: Equal Rights For All PAC Endorses Amy Reichert for San Diego County Supervisor District 4

The Equal Rights for All board enthusiastically announces its endorsement of Amy Reichert, candidate for San Diego County Supervisor District 4.  The top priorities in her campaign are homelessness, public safety, and the current economic turndown that has depleted paychecks and savings for many families.  These concerns stem from her heart as a mother.  She knows that the current direction of the San Diego Board is not prioritizing kitchen table topics.  Amy grew up in San Diego and remembers when it was one of America’s safest and most beautiful cities.  Now, it faces the challenges of rising crime and homelessness.  She wants to restore San Diego to its prior stature as a model for what a city can accomplish and provide when its leaders seek to serve their communities and not their personal political ambitions.    

Amy is not a career politician, but a small business owner who understands that San Diego citizens deserve better services for their tax dollars.  She co-founded ReOpen San Diego to hold government officials accountable for lockdown policies that were destroying livelihoods and childhoods.  She has logged the miles and endless hours knocking on over 1,000 doors and taking the time to listen to her neighbors, law enforcement agents, and fellow local business owners.  She is a state-licensed investigator who can be a trusted steward of San Diego County’s annual budget of $7 billion dollars.  She is running in a swing district.  A vote for Amy is a vote for making San Diego County safer.  We applaud this citizen for her willingness to fight for her hometown. 

During our interview with Amy, she expressed her unwavering support of our efforts in defeating Proposition 16.  She believes that there is no place for government-sanctioned preferences with respect race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, college admissions, or government contracting.  Amy is a fierce defender of individual liberty and rights.  Her opponents and naysayers will label her as an underdog.  We know they have it wrong; she’s a mama bear on a mission to defend her family’s home against government overreach.  That spirit is the embodiment of equal rights for all.    

The volunteers who defeated Prop 16 continue the fight for equal rights by forming this political action committee.  We must remain vigilant against any candidate or policy that promotes preferences.  We need to elect individuals who share our values about the importance of equal rights and who will defend Proposition 209, passed by the voters in 1996.  We started the ERFA PAC with your support and will continue to work for you.  If each of us who worked to defeat Prop 16 contributed just $50, we could fund and elect candidates to the legislature, school boards, and all levels of government who share our values.

Please support your ERFA PAC by fighting together with me and all the community leaders on the board, so that our rights and the rights of our children to equality are defended by candidates like Amy who represents us!


Ward Connerly

President of Equal Rights for All PAC

President of Californians for Equal Rights for “No on Prop 16 ” CA 2020

Chairman of the California Civil Rights Initiative for “Prop 209” CA 1995

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