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ERFA PAC Endorses Kristie Bruce-Lane for AD 76


January 31, 2022

RE: Equal Rights For All PAC Endorses Kristie Bruce-Lane for Newly Drawn Assembly District 76

The ERFA board is delighted to announce our first endorsement, Kristie Bruce-Lane.  

Kristie is an experienced community contributor running to represent the newly redrawn 76th Assembly District in San Diego County, which runs from San Marcos in the north as far south as Poway and includes Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe and Rancho Bernardo.  As an elected member of San Diego Water board, she ensured families had access to clean drinking water, planned for droughts, and demanded financial stewardship of the board’s access to taxpayer money. 

Kristie grew up in an agricultural family and is a small business owner; she is no stranger to putting in sweat equity to get the job done.  She is also a mother who has a heart for all children.  She is the Founder and President of The Thumbprint Project, which helps homeless children transition from dangerous home environments of domestic violence to safer havens.  Kristie has direct experience in addressing the homeless population in San Diego.  Too many elected officials hide behind anecdotes and detached reports.  Kristie stands front and center on her record of service and effectiveness. 

During her interview with our board, Kristie articulated her alignment and commitment to our core values of protecting equal rights for all, denouncing government preferences, and enforcing accountability of all elected officials.  Her platform includes safeguarding all children and their rights to equal opportunities.  She knows those rights are compromised when our state government does not provide options for an education that prepare them for their futures.  Krisite recognizes that the worsening of our current homeless situation impacts all of us.  She is keenly aware that rising crime in California has turned students, families, and business owners into victims and our government has the sacred duty to stop this dangerous trend immediately.   

When the California Legislature placed Proposition 16 on the ballot in 2020 at the urging of Governor Gavin Newsom, they issued a wake-up call to many Californians.  We who believe in the American Dream realized that the dream can become a nightmare if our children don’t have an equal chance to compete to achieve that dream. We organized and volunteered to defeat Prop 16, and we did it by a landslide margin of 57 to 43 percent.

The volunteers who defeated Prop 16 have also created this political action committee (ERFA PAC) to make sure that there will not be another Prop 16.  Our best guarantee is to elect individuals who share our values about the importance of equal rights and who will defend Proposition 209, passed by the voters in 1996.  We started the ERFA PAC with your support and will continue to work for you.  If each of us who worked to defeat Prop 16 stand together and keep fighting, we could fund and elect candidates to the legislature, school boards, and all levels of government who share our values.

Please support your Equal Rights For All PAC, support our endorsed candidates such as Kristie, so that our rights and the rights of our children to equality are defended by people who represent us!


Ward Connerly

President of Equal Rights for All PAC

President of Californians for Equal Rights for “No on Prop 16 ” CA 2020

Chairman of the California Civil Rights Initiative for “Prop 209” CA 1995

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