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ERFA PAC Supports Recall Newsom and Larry Elder


Aug. 31, 2021

ERFA PAC Supports Recall Newsom and Larry Elder

Dear Friends,

The subject of equal rights is one that affects Californians of Asian descent probably more than any other set of demographic groups in America.

Believing devoutly in American ideals (especially equality of opportunity and performance-based achievement) that contribute to what is loosely described as “the American Dream”, Californians of Asian descent, specifically those who are Chinese, were deeply disappointed when Governor Newsom requested that the California constitutional guarantee of equal rights (Proposition 209) be stripped from the CA Constitution. Disappointment was converted into energy and inspired a sufficient number of “Asians” to campaign for the defeat of the aforementioned effort to diminish equality.

The vehicle occasioned by the action of Governor Newsom was Proposition 16 on the 2020 CA Ballot. This measure was widely predicted to have enormously detrimental effects for those who believe in merit, specifically those of Asian descent. Happily, Proposition 16 was rejected by the CA electorate by the astonishing margin of 57-43.

As the self-appointed custodians for the defense and preservation of equal rights for all Californians, I am providing this lengthy background to explain why the Equal Rights For All Political Action Committee has voted unanimously to support the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. His conduct to place Proposition 16 on the 2020 ballot was a manifest betrayal of his sworn duty to uphold and defend the constitution of the state of California. Additionally, the ERFA PAC has voted to endorse Larry Elder as the candidate to replace Governor Newsom. Mr. Elder has the most distinguished and consistent record in defense of the equality ideal of any announced candidate on the 2021 Recall Ballot.

Thank you for your continued support to ensure that our victory in defeating prop 16 and the spirit of prop 209 is upheld.

Best Wishes,

Ward Connerly

President of “Equal Rights for All (PAC)


Larry and Ward Defeating Prop 16 in 2020
Larry and Ward Defeating Prop 16 in 2020
Larry Elder Flyer, click to download