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Radio Ads Delivered – Update on RecallNewsom Special Operation

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Ever since we started the #RecallNewsom Asian Community Special Operation Campaign, we have received enormous support from our communities, in and out of Asian communities!

Update 3 (09:18pm 8/17):

@erfapac on Twitter

Radio Ads Being Broadcasted!

We Delivered and Newsom Shivered!

FM96.1 – Mon-Fri 4-7pm, once per hour, 3 times/day (Mandarin)

Radio Preview Link:

FM96.1 4-7pm Mandarin Recording





(Thank you Jade for the voice recording!)

AM1400 – Mon-Fri 6-8pm 3 times/day (Cantonese)

Radio Preview:

AM1400 6-8pm Cantonese

州長 纽森 乱咁洗$, 毒品 泛滥, 冇解決而且仲不断招攬家可歸者.

犯罪率愈來愈高,不断开抢搶刧, 特别针对亚裔老人家和妇女.

罪犯冇入監倉, 反而我哋不敢出街. 被迫 困喺屋企裏面.

纽森 无邦過我地. 令到我哋的加州 由天堂 变為地獄!

政府無能, 我地要自己組織巡逻隊, 保护我哋的社区,我哋的家人.

如果你唔想 继续生活在恐惧當中

如果你想保護家園,保護子女,大家可以健康 安全 咁生活落去.

請投票 Yes 踢走 纽森, 还我加州!

(Thank you 莫秀寧律師 Frannie Mok, Esq for the voice recording!)

We hereby accomplished the Goal #2 for this special operation! Thank you very much! Your donation made an very important difference!

And Our Goal #1 will be fulfilled in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Our current goal(#3) is to raise another $5K to cover Indian communities through out the whole state, and the Chinese communities in South Cal! Please chip in to join the force, We the People have to take back California before it is changed to something we would never recognize!

We Asians are not supporting Newsom!

Asians for RecallNewsom!

Please reach out if you want to join the task force, the door is always open for hard working talents! (

If you want to make a real change to California, please chip in so we can voice out loudly together!

Team “Equal Rights for All – PAC” (