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Anna Cheng Kramer for CD-15 – ERFA Endorsed Candidate

We proudly endorse Anna Cheng Kramer for the Congressional District 15 seat in California ( Anna’s journey from Taiwan, her education, and her extensive experience in housing and community development reflect her commitment to fostering a community where free market principles thrive.

Throughout her career, Anna has championed housing initiatives, holding pivotal roles such as Managing Director of multi-housing investments and as COO of a major affordable housing developer. Her economic expertise and dedication to accessible housing demonstrate her commitment to creating a more inclusive community.

Anna’s engagement in local politics, including her leadership in North Fair Oaks and advisory roles in San Carlos, underscores her proactive approach in effecting positive change.

Concerned about California’s declining safety, economy, and individual rights, Anna’s entry into politics aimed to safeguard cherished values and create a more inclusive political landscape. Her vision for democracy values diverse perspectives, advocating for open dialogue and constructive debate. And Anna is also very adamant in opposing ACA-7.

Join us in supporting Anna Cheng Kramer—a leader dedicated to equal rights, inclusivity, and democratic values.

Ward Connerly

President, Equal Rights for All PAC

Jan. 6, 2024

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