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Bruce Lou for CD-11 – ERFA Endorsed Candidate

It is with great enthusiasm that we endorse Bruce Lou for the Congressional District 11 (platform: seat in California. In an era calling for transformation, accountability, and a voice representing the values we uphold, Bruce embodies the spirit of change that our community needs.

As a Bay Area native, Bruce’s commitment to bettering our society has been unwavering. He hails from a family of immigrants who pursued and achieved the American Dream through sheer determination and hard work. Bruce’s education within California’s public institutions and his tenure at the University of California have fortified his belief in the transformative power of education in realizing the American Dream.

Bruce stands tall as a staunch advocate for the safety and fair treatment of our community. His vocal opposition against racially biased admissions in California’s public universities and his initiative in distributing pepper spray to combat hate crimes among the elderly underscore his dedication to ensuring justice and equality for all. In 2020, he also very actively worked on fighting the Prop. 16, and today he unambiguously oppose ACA-7.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and Bruce Lou is the beacon of hope for a more equitable, fair, and free society. He brings forth the vigor, accountability, and fresh perspective that stand in stark contrast to the outdated policies of San Francisco’s current lawmakers. Bruce refuses to yield to the status quo perpetuated by the entrenched political machinery, presenting a refreshing alternative for a generation of voters seeking sensible change.

It is an honor to stand beside Bruce Lou in his quest to represent our values and aspirations in Congress. Join us in endorsing Bruce Lou for CD-11 California—a candidate poised to lead us toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Ward Connerly

President, Equal Rights for All PAC

Jan. 6, 2024

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