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No On ACA-7 Campaign Team Claims Victory!

We have made our voice loud and clear: No On ACA 7!

They heard us, they did the calculation, and they retreated! This is the power of the We the People!

In this WSJ piece “California Surrenders on Race Preferences“, the co-aurthor of ACA-7, Corey Jackson gave up the effort this year, though he says he’ll try again. Perhaps he remembers the way the 2020 effort to reintroduce race preferences mobilized the Asian-American community to vote against repealing Prop 209. It’s a victory that the state’s voters won’t have to go through unnecessary political drama and expense again. But it’s also a reminder that no victory for equality under the law is permanent—especially in California.

Professor Gail Heriot, co-chair of the Prop. 209 campaign, chair of the “No on ACA7” campaign wrote:
“This is a big win for us. And this is a win for all Californians!”

It’s quite clear that ACA7 won’t get onto the ballots in this November, this same bill is still likely to be put on a future ballot in 2026. If you are tired of fighting one such bill after another, we invite you to support our political action committee – Equal Rights for All PAC (, to send a clear and strong message to the bill authors such as Corey jackson: You will face consequences if you push works against the Californians’ wills.

Please support ERFA PAC by becoming a member with a donation of $50 (or any amount), and together we will deter any politicians who are obsessed with the racial preferences from authoring more such bills!

No On ACA7 Links on ERFA: